SoO FanArt

Below are the beautiful fan arts, requests, and trades I've gotten throughout the years! 

  Please click on the thumbnails to see the whole image and links to their creators! :D  


Art by people for no reason except just to be awesome and make my day!

Art by Alicia!

                             Alicia2 by HeSerpenty Alicia by HeSerpenty Theguys By Aliciamuhm-dbfe96c by HeSerpenty Two Halves Make You Whole By Aliciamuhm-dbyu9bx by HeSerpenty Av1 by HeSerpenty   


 Art by Alston123!

   Naomi And Friends (final) by HeSerpenty


 Art by Amalockh1!


 Art by Argylefox!

Argylefox by HeSerpenty Argylefox2 by HeSerpenty  Argyle5 by HeSerpenty Argyle4 by HeSerpenty Argyle6 by HeSerpenty  


 Art by AzureXTwilight!



Art by Carvone!


Art by Centcomm!



Art by CiciEnixa!

CiciEnixa2 by HeSerpenty CiciEnixa3 by HeSerpentyCiciEnixa4 by HeSerpenty CiciEnixa5 by HeSerpenty CiciEnixa by HeSerpenty 


Art by ConfettiRainbowPony!

ConfettiRainbowPony2 by HeSerpenty ConfettiRainbowPony3 by HeSerpenty ConfettiRainbowPony4 by HeSerpenty ConfettiRainbowPony5 by HeSerpenty ConfettiRainbowPony by HeSerpenty ConfettiRainbowPony6 by HeSerpenty


Art by TheD-Wrek!

D by HeSerpenty D2 by HeSerpenty D3 by HeSerpenty D4 by HeSerpenty D5 by HeSerpenty D6 by HeSerpenty D7 by HeSerpenty D8 by HeSerpenty


Art by Damatris!

Damatris by HeSerpenty Damatris2 by HeSerpenty


Art by Dreamfollower!

Dreamfollower by HeSerpenty Dreamfollower2 by HeSerpenty Dreamfollower3 by HeSerpenty Dreamfollower4 by HeSerpenty Dreamfollower5 by HeSerpenty Dreamfollower6 by HeSerpenty Av by HeSerpenty Av8 by HeSerpenty Av6 by HeSerpenty


Art by EmmaDilemma!

EmmaDilemma by HeSerpentyEmmaDilemma2 by HeSerpenty EmmaDilemma3 by HeSerpenty


Art by gideonland!

 Gideonland2 by HeSerpenty


Art by HapyCow!

HapyCow by HeSerpenty HapyCow2 by HeSerpenty HapyCow3 by HeSerpenty HapyCow4 by HeSerpenty


Art by Hykez87!

Hykez87 by HeSerpenty Hykez87-2 by HeSerpenty Hykez87-3 by HeSerpenty


Art by Jammythewerewolf!

JammytheWerewolf by HeSerpenty


Art by Jarvi! 

Jarvi by HeSerpenty Jarvi2 by HeSerpenty Jarvi3 by HeSerpenty Jarvi4 by HeSerpenty

Art by Junoro!

Junoro by HeSerpenty Junoro2 by HeSerpenty Junoro3 by HeSerpenty Av5 by HeSerpenty


Art by Kara!

Kara by HeSerpenty Kara2 by HeSerpenty Kara3 by HeSerpenty


Art by Keiii!

Keiiii by HeSerpenty


Art by Keltyzoid!

Kelty by HeSerpenty


Art by Kenn!

Kenn by HeSerpenty


Art by kfish!

Kfish by HeSerpenty Kfish2 by HeSerpenty


Art by LeRenardRoux!

LeRenardRoux2 by HeSerpenty LeRenardRoux3 by HeSerpenty LeRenardRoux4 by HeSerpenty LeRenardRoux5 by HeSerpenty LeRenardRoux by HeSerpenty Av4 by HeSerpenty 


Art by Lirvilas!

Lirvilas by HeSerpenty Lirvilas2 by HeSerpenty Lirvilas3 by HeSerpenty 


Art by MoonLotus_Hime!

MoonLotus Hime by HeSerpenty


Art by MST3KFan!

MST3KFan by HeSerpenty MST3KFan2 by HeSerpenty MST3KFan3 by HeSerpenty MST3KFan4 by HeSerpenty Av by HeSerpenty 


Art by ProfEtheric!

ProfEtheric2 by HeSerpenty ProfEtheric3 by HeSerpenty ProfEtheric by HeSerpenty


Art by Proxy170!

Proxy170-2 by HeSerpenty  Proxy170 by HeSerpenty 


Art by Revzet!

Revzet by HeSerpenty Revzet2 by HeSerpenty Revzet3 by HeSerpenty


Art by Rinkel!

Rinkel by HeSerpenty


Art by Rufiangel!

Rufi by HeSerpenty Rufi2 by HeSerpenty Rufi3 by HeSerpenty Rufi4 by HeSerpenty


Art by Shirokuro!

Shirokuro by HeSerpenty Shirokuro2 by HeSerpenty


Art by Spelledeg!

Spelledeg by HeSerpenty Spelledeg2 by HeSerpenty 


Art by SunnySideUpSmile!

SunnySideUpSmile by HeSerpenty


Art by Vivocateur!

TenPenny2 by HeSerpenty TenPenny3 by HeSerpenty TenPenny by HeSerpenty 


Art by Teslaverian!

Teslaverian by HeSerpenty Teslaverian2 by HeSerpenty


Art by The_Quiller!

The Quiller by HeSerpenty


Art by undeadloaf!

Undeadloaf by HeSerpenty

Art by Princess_lom!
Av2 by HeSerpenty Av7 by HeSerpenty Av2 by HeSerpenty  

Art by Rulerbrain!

Art by ShaRose!


Art I've literally asked or paid for LOL but hay! Its there!

Toherrys by HeSerpenty Mothtrap by HeSerpenty   

Art I've gotten in art exchanges!

Av10 by HeSerpenty Av9 by HeSerpenty Av3 by HeSerpenty Waffles597 by HeSerpenty Tjblazer85 by HeSerpenty Spelledeg3 by HeSerpenty Selkey by HeSerpenty NoiV by HeSerpenty Matt-Knab by HeSerpenty JC-Webcomic by HeSerpenty JC-Webcomic2 by HeSerpenty              Proxy170-3 by HeSerpenty Gideonland by HeSerpenty


Thank you SO MUCH, everyone! I can't tell you enough how much every one of these mean to me!